Guidelines for making a free website Raksha Vandhan 2022


Guidelines for making a free website Raksha Vandhan 2022

  Hello friends, all of you are very much welcome in our website Riya Web Technology, today we will offer you a free website only for today, in which we will have some services, but also absolutely free if you want to make a news portal website, you need For a news portal website, then you have a golden opportunity, don't let it miss you, let me tell you clearly, we will offer this offer to those people who are looking to make a news portal website, yes, hello, I am the owner of Riya Web Technology. Welcome to Free Website Offer.

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Today, on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Vandhan 2022, we are providing you the opportunity to create a free news portal, our offer will be in some way, we will not charge you for the website, we will make you a great news portal, you will have to do your domain We have to buy hosting + template, to make any news portal website, we need these 3 things, only then we can prepare a news portal of a good design

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Domain + Hosting + Template done? 

 Domain is a name Name means as you search on Google, the name of which appears on Google by typing, there is a name, where is the domain, to get the domain, you have to visit s site After going on, you will have to enter your name in a search box which you want to keep for your news portal, after that you have to search then you will have to deduct your balance, the name will come on your mail id. Then you have to do it then you have to take hosting How to get hosting For hosting you have to go to the website of godady or hostinger, from where you have to buy hosting, now it is the turn of the template, how to buy this template, provide a look to a website. The kind of news portal that has to be looked at, only provides the template, which website you have to go to buy the template, visit according to your news portal from your website. You can buy templates at the least cost from

Now you would think that if asked for free,

 then we will not buy, now the information is incomplete, the offer is ahead, complete  How much will the domain + hosting + template cost?  

Domain will cost at least Rs 1500 

 Hosting will cost at least Rs 1500  

Templates will cost at least $13 a year

If you see the price of all three, then you do not have to worry about 4 thousand, you do not have to give one, we have given you an idea, then it is a matter of understanding that if you make a news portal website from someone, then bo takes 10 to 15 thousand from you. Even you will not have to give anything for the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2022, we have brought you a blast offer, now you have to do it, read carefully, then only your complete understanding will come.

You have to do it, you neither have to pay 4 thousand nor you have to pay 15 thousand, you just have to take advantage of the offer, how will we take it, we are telling you that you have to take

 domain + hosting + template to make a website but the method will be completely different 

 Domain Rs. 1299  

Hosting Rs. 299  

Template Rs. 399

  Extra Charge Rs. 2  

Total Rs.1999

In Rs. 1999, you do not have to do anything for 1 year, upload news video photos as much as you want, in the website, you will not have any problem, you will be given complete control panel, life time premium support, you can play your website with confidence. Anyone in the website Premium support for change will change immediately first see how the demo will be then what will be the next thing demo will be like this you will like unlimitede categories unlimited video upload unlimited news upload and much more then you first see demo click to view demo touch the blue button

As you like our demo then you have to do you have to contact on below given whatsapp number and calling number  

 Click 1800180018 

 important information that would be eh  What version of website do we design on

Let us make you clear, we are a blogger website designer, we have designed many news portals for the past many years, we have designed all the features in the website according to the custumer and according to his demand, people who today make several thousand rupees a month from our website easily. We are earning from after designing the website, we apply those people for google adsense, so that their earning starts, then there is a chance for you, do not let it go to waste at all.

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"Guidelines for making a free website Raksha Vandhan 2022"

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