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Website Guidelines 

1. Why buy templates from your website

The main purpose of buying templates from our website is we customize the template according to the blogger creators, the way in which the customer needs the template according to their needs, we customize the template so that premium users make their blog and website better and attractive. You can set all our templates with out HTML code, you can fully customize your entire website so you can buy templates from our website.

2.What to do if the template is not downloaded while purchasing the template and the payment is deducted

Do not panic at all, if you do not receive the template after the payment is deducted, then you do not need to panic at all, by visiting our WhatsApp support number, you can WhatsApp or mail us, so that we will help you very soon and we will send you the screenshot of the payment. Templates will be delivered to you through WhatsApp or email, you don't need to panic.

3.what is the feature in your template

Features are unlimited in our template, the user who needs the feature can automatically add it, which is very easy, without any coding, if you have to add any feature separately, then you can do it very easily in which You get full control to add unlimited features inside the blogger template.

4. Do you also make websites?

We also make websites but our charge is very less than other people, whatever we design the website, it will be hosted on our blogger only, so that once you read the guidelines properly, the website designed by us is all bloggers. Designed on the template itself but we give the best look to the template according to the customer which sometimes the customer is not aware That on which version our website is hosted, then you can feel free to ask us on which version our website is hosted, we will tell you successfully, we have designed your website, we have designed it on blogger website, you from blogger website You can also earn millions of rupees, blogger also provides a good service, some people do not even know about it properly.

5.what are your templates like

Our template is all types of templates in which you can create online shopping website, create news portal, create e-commerce, can create college institute website, that too on blogger template to give its best look or for you to take Buy now and design the best website ever

6.If you contact us to build a website

If you contact us to build a website or to build an app or to buy a template, then let me tell you clearly we provide a blogger service and we make news portal website college website online shopping website and many more. Any kind of technicle esso if you come, then you can contact us directly, our call service is on at present.

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Using illegal templates is tantamount to destroying your website / blog. because the templates that are distributed free of charge do not guarantee the safety of the template maker and no one is responsible. Please note, that there are a lot of complaints out there, they failed to handle their website, because of using an illegal template

"Website Guidelines See All"

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